Research Methodology

Penelitian tentang mekanisme pengaduan non-yudisial
(Bahasa Indonesia version of our methodology)

Non-judicial mechanisms are mandated to receive complaints and resolve disputes, but are not empowered to produce binding adjudications. They therefore go beyond corporate self-regulation but stop short of legal regulation. The study understands non-judicial redress mechanisms to sit within a network of regulation. The effectiveness of mechanisms depends upon their broad institutional setting, including the power and influence of various players involved in regulation. The research therefore seeks to study community interaction with redress mechanisms in a range of settings to test what influences different outcomes.

The research will focus on three contrasting sectors where there have been historical challenges to human rights protection: extractives, garments/footwear and agribusiness. We will compare experiences across two ‘host countries’ – Indonesia and India – and two ‘home countries’ whose businesses invest or operate in these sectors: Australia and the UK.