Dr Marshall is a cross-disciplinary scholar who has worked closely with industry partners over the past 10 years to have the highest level impact across a number of fields.  Her research focuses primarily on business and human rights and labour law and development. She has undertaken empirical studies of business impact on human rights in a diverse range of countries, including Bulgaria, India, Indonesia, Australia and Cambodia, and has published widely based on her findings. Her high standing as a scholar has been recognised through the award a number of large multi-country grants, and she has undertaken collaborations with scholars from Cambridge University, Harvard University, Melbourne University and RMIT. Dr Marshall’s long term partnerships with the technical arm of the International Labour Organisation, Oxfam Australia and CORE UK has enabled her to produce research of a highly applied nature, which has had a strong policy influence and provided meaningful lessons for business and other relevant organisations.

Dr Marshall holds a Bachelors of Arts with a double major in Social Theory and Political Science and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Melbourne.  She studied a Masters of Science in Development Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where the focus was on economic policy. In 2015, she was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Regulation, Justice and Diplomacy which she undertook at the RegNet School of Regulation and Global Governance, Australian National University under the supervision of Peter Drahos, Valerie Braithwaite and John Braitwaite. Dr Marshall is currently employed as a Senior Lecturer at Monash University in the Department of Business Law and Taxation.  

Dr Marshall is co-editor of Varieties of Capitalism, Corporate Governance and Employees (Melbourne University Press, 2008),  Fair Trade and Corporate Accountability: Experiments in Globalising Social Justice (Ashgate, 2010), Re-Embedding the Market: Crisis and Reinvention?  (Routledge 2011) Labour Law and Development (ILO/Hart 2012) and the Fall special edition of Politics and Society which proposes new ideas for re-governing markets in response to the financial crisis. She is co-author of Law, Corporate Governance and the Management of Labour: A Study of Australian Regulatory Style and Business Practice (Ashgate 2011) .


Project management: Coordinating large research teams to tight deadlines
Research-based advocacy
Design of research methodologies
Bringing complex data to publication
Devising dissemination strategies to reach broad audiences


Doctorate of Philosophy in Regulation, Justice and Diplomacy, Australian National University, 2015

Masters of Science (Development Studies) with Distinction, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2004

Bachelor of Arts with Honours, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1995

Bachelor of Laws with Honours, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1998

Admitted to practice as a Solicitor, Barrister and Officer of the Court, Victoria, Australia, 2000.